Muscle Ease Massage Oil


A soothing massage oil for joints and muscles to relieve discomfort and promote mobility.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Pure Oil, Sunflower Oil, Soya Bean Oil, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Vitamin E, 100% Pure Essential Oils: Blue Gum Peppermint, Peppermint, Orange Sweet, Bergamot, Frankincense Premium, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood Atlas, Geranium, Lime

125 ml

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Sweet Almond Pure Oil Rich in Vitamins & Minerals. Softening, Revitalising & Nourishing. Oil – Cold Pressed from Almonds.
Sunflower Oil Moisturising, High in Linoleic Acid, Contains Vitamins & Minerals. Oil – Extracted from Sunflower Seed.
Soya Bean Oil Moisturising, Softening, High in Vitamins & Minerals.   Oil – Extracted from Soya Bean.
Rosemary Leaf Extract Natural Preservative. Extracted from Rosemary Leaves & Twigs.
Vitamin E Antioxidant, Soothing, & Natural Preservative.   Oil extracted from – various – Soybeans, Wheat germ etc.
100% Pure Essential Oils
Blue Gum Peppermint Anti – Rheumatic, Anti- Bacterial, Deodorant, Stimulating & Purifying. Oil – Stream Distilled from Leaves & Twigs.
Peppermint Analgesic, Carminative Restorative, Refreshing & Stimulating. Oil – Stream Distilled from Peppermint Leaves & Flowers.
Orange Sweet Joyful, Warming & Uplifting. Oil – Expressed from Peel of nearly ripe Oranges.
Bergamot Reviving, Soothing and Balancing. Oil – Extracted from Bergamot fruit.
Frankincense Premium Deeply Calming, Balancing & Spiritual. Oil – Steam Distilled from Bark Resins.
Ylang Ylang Calming, Soothing, Uplifting, Relaxing & Anti-depressant. Oil – Steam Distilled from Flowers.
Cedarwood Atlas Calming, Confidence, Reduces Fear, & Courage.   Oil – Steam Distilled from Cedarwood.
Geranium Uplifting, Balancing & Comforting. Oil – Steam Distilled from Flowers & Leaves.
Lime Refreshing, Uplifting & Stimulating. Oil – Expressed from Peel of nearly ripe Limes.

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