Why Holistic and Vibrational Therapies?

Our clients often ask us questions about why holistic and vibrational therapies are important, and how they link to what we do at the centre. Founder of Crusoeden Body Wellness Jayne Boyle shares how these remarkable therapies guide our work in supporting our clients to reach their optimal health goals.

Holistic and vibrational therapies have been around for thousands of years and in earlier times, it was often the main option of healing available. Some examples of these therapies include herbs; flower essences; crystals, yoga/Ayurveda, energy healing and colour therapies. Today, holistic therapies are mainly viewed as complementary and work alongside mainstream medical health care.

In Australia today, most people know that if they get sick, they can visit their doctor or a medical professional and using the knowledge, specialised equipment and drug therapy they will be helped in some way to address that specific problem. However, the issue when health and illness is looked at in isolation is that the human body is not seen or honoured as a system that continually rebuilds and renews. This is where vibrational and natural therapies can help.

Holistic and vibrational therapies can also greatly compliment mainstream treatments to boost the immunity and healing that needs to take place. For example, when a person is undergoing chemotherapy, reiki and yoga therapies support the immune system and allows the body to be more receptive to healing.

Holistic practitioners acknowledge our innate healing ability and that is why I am so passionate about this work. These therapies aim to improve health and wellbeing by boosting the person’s own healing potential.

Understanding why a person has become unwell is often the starting point to true healing. The holistic practitioner allows the client to understand, explore and nurture a fresh perspective-moving forward; offering a sense of true freedom.

If you’re interested in speaking to me about holistic and vibrational therapies for your own healing, please contact Jayne (03) 54353692.